The Six Species of British Deer

Buck or Doe, Stag or Hind? Fallow, Roe or Sika? Would you know what deer you are looking at? We have a wonderfully diverse wild population of deer in every part of this country. Living wild and unfenced, to these deer, roads are just clear pathways. To a driver, a deer is a potential hazard with seriuos consequences should there be an encounter. We would like you to become familiar with the deer you might encounter on our roads so that you protect yourselves, protect the deer and reduce the number of collisions.

Chinese Water Deer

Chinese Water Deer are a non-native species introduced from Chinese populations along the Yangtze River



Fallow Deer

Fallow are considered as a naturalised, though re-introduced species. Although fallow deer were present some


Muntjac Deer

At least seven species of muntjac are known, with a natural distribution from Pakistan to Java and north to mainland China.



Red Deer

The red deer is Britain’s largest native land mammal (adult stags weigh up to 190 kg and are up to around 140 cm at the shoulder).


Roe Deer

The roe deer is primarily an animal of mixed and small woodland but is capable of adapting to a wide variety of habitats.



Sika Deer

Sika are a non-native species, originating from the Far East where some 13 different races are recognised


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